Axiome looper

This is a nice little mlr-style application that I found. It’s originally put together by Gwen Coffy and supported only monome. I added midi capabilities to it, and currently it’s working nicely with my Livid Block on Linux.

This screenshot is from the old version, but new looks pretty much the same!

What is Axiome?

It’s a loop player intended to be used with so-called grid controllers. Axiome is capable of playing seven loops simultaneously and slicing them in the fly. Here’s what’s on the box:

  • Supports Monome 40 (at least it should) and Livid Block
  • Seven loops with pattern recorders
  • Tempo independent pitch shift
  • Midi learn (functionality is quite basic at the moment)
  • Runs on Pd-l2ork
  • A whole lot of fun!


This song is made solely with Axiome 0.4.

Download area

This thing is published under public domain, so do whatever you want with it. And if you make awesome modifications, let me know. The address is heikki [at]

Older versions:

For all you Ubuntu, Debian, KXStudio and so on users out there (I know you exist!): If you want to try this software and are searching for functional version of Pd-l2ork, check their website and follow the guide:

Good old Axiome 0.1 can be found from

Development version

I develop this patch alone. Any help is respected! I don’t have any version control, because I don’t know if there is any clever version control systems for Pure Data.

If you want to test a new version, please download here: Axiome 0.3 sneak peek

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