Hi! My name is Heikki Ketoharju. Nice to meet you.

I’ve used Linux from 2006 and made music years before that. That’s why I write mainly about Linux and music software here on my blog. I also write about politics, but only in Finnish (for now, at least).

I’ll try to translate more stuff into English in coming months, but don’t take it granted! At least I’ve got quite many hits from google with term “Fast Track Ultra Linux”. So yeah, I own that soundcard and it works great OOTB, and yes, I should write more about it in English. (I finally got around so there you go)

I also like movies, mostly French New Wave, silent movies (especially Soviet silents) and old Hollywood-stuff from 30’s and 40’s. Aki Kaurismäki is best from Finnish directors.

Maybe you are also interested about our local Ubuntu user group?

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